in alphabetical order

People want to know what is your strategy?

I have been working with the homeless population for as long as I can remember. I do not make promises I cannot keep. I think we need to house the homeless who want housing and do this with a housing first model, which is proven to work. My secret for success is my experience with homelessness, housing, and social services. I have a few staff, SMC interns, and great friends as volunteers working behind the scenes on my campaign: my team is diverse in race and gender and includes several LBGTQ people . Ask me anything and I will tell you an answer. I will help any person who asks me for help that I can help. My friends, family, and former coworkers know I will do my best to serve Santa Monica.


Santa Monica Airport

I believe the airport should remain open for natural disasters and to support the community. In the event that the City does close it, I want to see more affordable housing built and a shared space to include a park. As of now the hangars are used for fundraisers and food drives throughout the year. I would like to turn a hangar into emergency shelter or transitional living to help homeless people get back into the workforce. This might be controversial, but we have a homeless crisis in our city and county and we need more beds.


Registering and pre-registering new voters is a priority.


Affordable housing and smart growth are my priorities as well as rent control and safeguarding renters’ rights.



I plan to reduce the number of people sleeping on the streets by providing more easily accessible social services including more street outreach teams. I want to figure out a way to have more access to showers, storage, and job search skills/coaching. I will make access to mental health services more approachable for the homeless.


Make a more accessible Santa Monica including continually becoming more pedestrian friendly for those with disabilities and seniors.


Cradle to Career—I believe that people from all ages and backgrounds should have access to a high-quality education and I will continue to make this a priority.


Historic Preservation

Historic preservation of our neighborhoods is something that I will strive for keeping.

Promoting Local Business Interests

Fostering the prosperity of small businesses and fair wages for all.

Public Safety

Protect our community from break-ins and theft by ensuring we have adequate first responders in our neighborhoods.



My Goals for Santa Monica

I want to reduce homelessness, provide quality access to affordable education, preserve historic buildings, and make housing affordable. My vision: I want everyone to succeed.

The future of Santa Monica is in my capable hands. Yes, I will vote for term limits.

The future of Santa Monica is in my capable hands. Yes, I will vote for term limits.